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Most videographers offer "packages" for you, the client to choose from. They have classy names like Silver, Gold, and Platinum or Basic, Special and Deluxe. These packages involve things like number of cameras, number of mics, number of camera operators and time limits. The fancier the name of the package the more it will cost you and if you need something additional, the price goes up from there. John King Productions / All Occasion Films does not offer specific packages for you to choose from because unless you are in the business, how could you possible know how many cameras it will take to properly film your event? Not to mention how many mics, camera operators and actual hours it will take as well. We think that adds un-do pressure to settle for something based on the budget you have for the event.

At John King Productions / All Occasion Films,  we have chosen to price your event using the following method. JKP will meet with you to get a good understanding of your vision for the event, take a look at your venue and then make the decision on what equipment is necessary to fully and properly film the entire event. We will then tell you exactly what we will use and what we will charge. Regardless of the size of your event we are very competitive in our pricing.

We believe in doing everything it takes to properly film an event.  For example: Very few events can be filmed properly with only one camera.  JKP/AOF will use up to eight cameras and not charge much more for doing so. The result however, is a much more professional, and interesting presentation to watch.  The same is true for sound and lighting.

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Contact us and we will gladly arrange a FREE consultation with you to build your perfect event film based on your vision and your budget.

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