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Pricing Information - VHS to DVD Transfer

Our pricing of transferring your VHS tapes to DVD is very simple. All you pay is $35.00 per video hour that we capture from your VHS tapes.

For this one easy to calculate price you will receive the following:

*Organizing all of your footage captured from all of your tapes

*Editing out any bad portions

*Inserting chapters

*Creating the DVD(s) with a custom menu, label and case.

For example, if you have three VHS tapes, one tape with 2 hours of video, one tape with 30 minutes of video and one tape with 5 hours of video, your total cost will be  $262.50 (7 hours at $35/hour) transferred to a minimum of 4 DVD's.

Additional DVD's are $15 each for the first 5 and then $10 each after that.

To prepare for transferring your VHS tapes to DVD, you might want to do the following:

*Organize your tapes chronologically

*Think about which videos you would like grouped together on one DVD (for example all children's birthday parties or all Christmas mornings)

Contact us and we will gladly arrange a FREE consultation with you to begin the process of transferring all of your presious VHS tapes to DVD.

For additional information on VHS to DVD conversions click here

Let us preserve your memories today!

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