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Transfer Home Movies to DVD

Why should you transfer your VHS/VHS-C/Hi8/Mini DV tapes?

There are numerous reasons to transfer your VHS tape collection to DVD or digital files. First, VHS tapes degrade over time because they are a magnetic media. With proper storage techniques, VHS tapes can last up to 25 years, and sometimes even longer. That being said, VHS tapes can have noticeable degradation after as little as five years.

Many people no longer have their VCRs, and it is increasingly difficult to purchase a VHS player, as they have largely been replaced by DVD and BlueRay DVD players. Many stores no longer carry VCRs, and replacement parts are becoming harder and harder to find. Many families have vast libraries of home videos that they are no longer able to watch, and transferring their tapes is the only way that their memories can be enjoyed.

Finally, the advantages of DVDs or digital files over videotapes are numerous. Being digital, DVDs can be copied without any quality loss. Since most VCRs have been replaced by DVD players, you can once again actually watch your home movie memories. DVDs also take up a lot less space than VHS tapes!

What if my VHS tape is longer than two hours?

DVD's will hold up to  two hours of video.  VHS tapes can contain up to six hours of video depending on the original record setting. For VHS tapes recorded in standard mode the maximum is two hours. However, VHS tapes can hold up to four, six or even eight hours of video if they were recorded in LP or EP/ELP mode.  We will load all of your hours of video to our system, edit out the bad portions, insert chapters and then create your DVD(s) with a custom menu, label and case.  It doesn't make any difference how many DVD's it requires to archive all of your video footage. Everything is included in the price.

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